Google Nexus S Crespo: How to install Cyanogen Mod

This smartphone may have become in the years, but for some reason you may get a cheap one at the local flea market and want to use it as a backup phone or just for fun.

* install clockwork mod boot loader

must-have reagrdlas of what rom you want to use later on

Become Android developer, Allow usb debugging
install android studio android-studio-bundle-162.3871768-windows.exe or similar
flash recovery-clockwork-touch- using adb / fastboot

* install rom zips on smartphone on sd card under /data/Android via usb:


* run clockwork booter and install rom

* wipe cache / data using clockwork booter

* install Google Apps (gapps) via clockwort if you want, or only install your needed .apks. I do not want this bloat

* cyanogen mod 7 is fastest, YMMV, have fun