14 Sep 2016

Grillieren! from Nuance

Grillieren: The free barbecue simulation from Nuance - enjoy!

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Grillieren Screenshot 1

Lunch break at the Nuance HQ construction site! The weather is fine, and for some strange reason all kind of foodstuff is falling from the sky. The apprentice boy Andy overheard Bill talking to Ignaz, the construction site inspector in charge, about a BBQ - little did Andy know HE had to serve fresh grilled meat to the hungry men!

To make matters worse, the notorious freeloader Drago has been seen roaming the construction site looking for food - will Andy manage to keep him away from the grill and provide his master with delicious food?

Meat and vegetables (and, of course, the special beer bonus) are falling from the sky. Pick them up by tapping on them, and deliver them to the right place - meat has to be put on the grill, and the veggies into the waste bin! This is also done by tapping on either the grill or the waste bin.

Grillieren Screenshot 2

Andy can carry up to three items, they are displayed in the inventory at the top of the screen, and they are deployed from the left to the right. Always keep an eye on the Grill-O-Meter in the top left corner of the screen - it is displaying the quantity of meat on the grill. Bill is constantly grabbing food, and he’ll be really angry if he runs out of meat!

Once in a while, Drago will appear on the scene, looking for food. Habitually, he’ll check the waste bin first, and if he finds something in it, he’ll be happy and leave again. But, if the waste bin is empty, he’ll proceed to the grill to steal some meat, and there’s nothing you can do about it! So you better make sure there’s always something in the waste bin for him. One last warning - don’t put vegetables on the grill. We are serious, they will pollute the meat!

Tap on the sun to pause the game.

By the way, here is the direct download of the apk

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The md5-sum is: 12c1cb22214093f8f23f998f166d2669