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28 Jul 2020

Curvature of Space because of Covid-19

For a long time I kept quiet about it, but now I have to comment on Covid-19.

The reason is a distance picture that was leaked to me via Twitter and that I discussed it with a physicist.


We then eroded the following in order to put this into a meaningful context:

  • For the theorist it is space curvature
  • The experimenter remembers to keep the measuring tape tighter for the next time
  • The philosopher says, root 2 is irrational and ignores that
  • The mathematician hits the ceiling because nobody has told him to use the maximum norm and now he has to do everything all over again
  • The physicist does not pay any attention to this, since everything below 10 to the power of 10 goes towards zero
  • Gauss Followers enjoy new proofs of non-Euclidean geometry

[ to be continued ]