If you compile a program from the portage tree, , most of the packages have configuration options in which I have to manually choose the options and select with Enter. If you are not in front of the Computer, the complete process stops.

For a long time I kept quiet about it, but now I have to comment on Covid-19.

The reason is a distance picture that was leaked to me via Twitter and that I discussed it with a physicist.

If you want to play mp4-Files with videolanclient vlc under OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, you may get the following error:

Every few years it may happen that you have to move your mailman maling lists to a new host. With this guide loses its horror.

Copy a VCD under Linux

This has worked for me, having the DVD-ROM and DVD-Burner both on secondary IDE. The source DVD was mounted on /media/CDROM. DVD-Burner was on /dev/hdd

Assumption: Your current harddisk is hda. Plug in the new harddisk as hdb (primary slave). Adjust the drive names if your milage varies. Partition hdb with the fdisk command in a similar way hda is, and generate the appropriate file systems. Do not forget to add swap space.

Simple Backup using rsync

This backs up everything in the directory /srv/www/htdocs on a remote host to the current local directory, deleting removed files on remote host locally:

Under Linux you can burn a image which consists of .bin- / .cue-Files, in two ways: with cdrdao and with cdrecord.

After long waiting and some excursions this site has been rebuilt using the static content management system Jekyll.